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Derek Starrs Article, Traffic Signal Analysis, Featured in Litigation Management

September 09, 2013
Derek Starrs Article, Traffic Signal Analysis, Featured in Litigation Management

Together with Beverly Mack of Huelat Mack & Kreppein P.C. of Chicago, S-E-A Electrical Engineer Derek Starr highlights how traffic signal analysis can be a useful, and many times necessary, tool in a vehicle accident reconstruction. Derek’s prior experience as a field engineer working for a major traffic signal supplier enables him to offer valuable insights. Included is a case study that demonstrates ways in which improper traffic signalization can contribute to the cause of an accident.

Click here to view the full article.

How Many Employees Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

August 27, 2013

That’s the question posed and answered by S-E-A’s Cleveland-based electrical engineer, Aaron Butcher. The National Retail and Restaurant Defense Association published Aaron’s article, which discusses the substantial liability associated with something as simple as changing a light bulb. The article goes on to describe the various ways in which companies can limit potential hazards in the workplace.

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S-E-A Conducts 5,000th Specialized Vehicle Test

June 25, 2013
S-E-A Conducts 5,000th Specialized Vehicle Test

“S-E-A recently performed the 5,000th Vehicle Inertia Measurement Facility (VIMF) Test”

Testing a Wayne Taylor Racing racecar, S-E-A completed its 5,000th test on the VIMF since designing and constructing the facility in 1993. Wayne Taylor Racing later took first place in the June 1, 2013 Chevrolet GRAND-AM 200 (Round 5 of 12).

The VIMF has remained the gold standard in vehicle inertia measurement devices for nearly two decades. Currently, five of the eight largest automobile manufacturers in the world, in addition to many race car teams, utilize VIMFs for recording their vehicle inertia measurements.

Click here to view the full press release.

Biannual Columbus, OH Meeting of Candle Manufacturers, the CPSC and S-E-A

June 06, 2013

“S-E-A Candle Laboratory Director, Bob Moss, quoted in Happi Magazine”

S-E-A, the CPSC and national candle retailers including Bath & Body Works, Yankee and Pier 1 meet twice a year in Columbus, OH to discuss candle safety. Happi Magaine reports that “candle-related home fires have dropped 49% from a high in 2001.” This has in large part been due to the willingness of candle retailers to send candles through independent testing laboratories such as S-E-A.

Click here to view the full article.

Visual Aids in Medical Device Litigation

March 03, 2013

"Biomechanical Engineer Brian Tanner details the benefits of visual aids in FDCC article."

Brian Tanner of S-E-A penned the spotlight article featured in the Winter 2013 Newsletter for the Drug, Medical Device and Biotechnology committee of the FDCC. In his article, he highlights how the use of visual aids to explain complex ideas and situations to a jury can be critical. Brian also describes the different types of demonstrative evidence available, and when one type may be preferable over another.

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Introducing the Minor Impact Simulator

January 10, 2013

"Witness the S-E-A Research Center`s latest test device."

The device simulates minor impacts from a variety of angles in order to demonstrate how a person really moved in an accident.  Parameters specific to an accident may be entered and resulting forces measured to further evaluate injury mechanisms specific to a case.


Doug Morrs Article on Evaluating Occupant Restraint Performance Featured in SAE Off Highway Engineering

November 08, 2012
Doug Morrs Article on Evaluating Occupant Restraint Performance Featured in SAE Off Highway Engineering

“S-E-A’s Roll Simulator Facility brings quick, accurate and repeatable testing to an industry desperately in need.”

The Roll Simulator Facility at S-E-A combines Anthropomorphic Test Devices, high-speed video cameras, a motion capture system and a lot of science to evaluate occupant restraint performance during roll-over events. In his article, Doug describes the evolution of restraint testing and the unique delivery method of the S-E-A Roll Simulator.

Click here to view the full article.

Fawzi Bayan Article on Nighttime Visibility

October 26, 2012

“Article zeros in on the challenges of recreating vehicle accidents occurring at night.”

S-E-A’s Fawzi Bayan, mechanical engineer and conspicuity specialist, describes the difference between detection and perception on the road. Determining what could have been seen and recognized during a nighttime accident requires an elaborate recreation of the scene. Factors such as the phase of the moon, weather conditions, presence/absence of reflective tape, age of driver, etc. must be taken into account to determine whether an accident should have been avoided. Click on the brochure link below to learn more about conspicuity and vehicle accident reconstruction.

Click here to view the full article.

S-E-A Vehicle Research Video

August 03, 2012

"New S-E-A production details Vehicle Dynamics, Research Center capabilities"

Members from the Vehicle Dynamics department and Research Center explain and demonstrate what makes S-E-A unique.  Viewers are sure to get a feel for the creativity and ingenuity that goes into crafting these unrivaled devices.