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Construction Management and Modeling Platform 

More than $1 billion is paid out annually in the United States for legal fees, settlements, verdicts, testing and expert consulting fees in the construction industry alone. Planning for future exposures, claims and litigation costs before a project is turned over is the ultimate management of risk.

S-E-A created a digital construction platform that takes construction risk management, data consulting services, and laser-scanning and modeling capabilities to the next level.

Featuring our 360° Digital Construction Platform.

Our comprehensive construction platform is a turn-key approach to construction modeling. It can collect, combine and digitally archive a comprehensive array of real-time data, focusing on construction safety, accuracy, efficiency and savings.

Utilizing an integrated suite of sophisticated technology and expertise, S-E-A can provide owners, architects, engineers, contractors and insurance carriers with an accurate and detailed record of construction-related information that far exceeds the data collected by conventional methods.

At every key stage of construction, scanning the site with SEA 360° can facilitate proactive identification and evaluation of construction issues with quick and affordable solutions. Risk management tools serve multiple purposes and come in many shapes and sizes.

We created this platform because after nearly 50 years of investigating construction losses, we know better than anyone where the real risk lies in a construction project.

The future of digital construction data is here.


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