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Mr. Tandy earned his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from The Ohio State University. Ken’s graduate research focused on vehicle dynamics and was primarily conducted on-site at the Vehicle Research and Test Center (VRTC) of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Mr. Tandy has written numerous peer-reviewed publications and is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Ken was the recipient of the “Engineer of the Future in Automotive Research,” presented by the FISITA Automotive Society in 1992. He represented North America as one of eight engineers from around the world in the automotive industry.

Ken’s responsibilities at S-E-A include consulting in the area of vehicle accident reconstruction involving automobiles, light trucks, and commercial trucks. He also handles matters involving vehicle dynamics testing, simulation and modeling, advanced vehicle technologies, and failure analysis of various equipment and systems. He conducts on-site investigations, and documents scenes, vehicles, and other available evidence.

Prior to joining S-E-A, Ken owned his own company for close to eight years, providing technical consulting in the area of vehicle accident reconstruction involving automobiles and commercial trucks, and has been a vehicle dynamics consultant and accident reconstructionist since 2003. Mr. Tandy began working in the automotive industry in 1992 and has had positions ranging from vehicle dynamics analyst, vehicle and tire development engineer to vehicle dynamics development manager of advanced vehicle technology systems.



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