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Dr. Matthew K. Brittain is S-E-A’s Toxicologist and Associate Chemical Laboratory Director.  Dr. Brittain has over fifteen years of laboratory experience ranging from the food and pharmaceutical industries to Bio-Chem defense and countermeasure development/ testing.  Throughout his career, he has evaluated human health information, experimental data, mode of action, dose-response relationships, and pharmacokinetic/toxicokinetic data for a number of environmental and occupational chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and feed additives, contaminants and consumer products for private and public sector clients.  He has developed and evaluated numerous animal models for public policy determination and FDA approval under the Animal Rule.  Dr. Brittain has extensive experience in chemical and pesticide laboratory management for the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s testing laboratories. 

In his role at S-E-A, Dr. Brittain is responsible for projects requiring the determination of the presence or absence of harmful or intoxicating chemicals, testing and analyzing data for harmful contaminates in consumer products or the environment, and evaluating contributing factors in the cause and manner of death or illness.  Dr. Brittain evaluates exposure to and human health effects of microbial organisms, ethanol, drugs, metals, chemicals, gases, and other occupational and environmental chemicals.  He also evaluates drug-related cases including, but not limited to, intoxication, drug-related problems, hazardous drug combinations or overdoses, indications and contraindication, and drug labeling and warnings.  Additionally, Dr. Brittain directs S-E-A’s laboratory services surrounding pesticide/fertilizers, heavy metals, and mycotoxins/microbials testing.  Dr. Brittain is a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana with an ACS certified Bachelor of Chemistry and a Bachelor of Biology.  He is a graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine, graduate division with a Doctorate in Toxicology. 


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