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Lockout-tagout / Machine Guarding

Machine Guarding and Lockout / Tagout Services

Without the involvement of machines in modern production we would be unable to keep up with demand. S-E-A knows that there are inherent risks associated with the operation of manufacturing and packaging equipment. Advancements in machine guarding such as interlocks and laser-eyes, occupational regulations and employer intervention have resulted in safer work environments for employees. However as a result, when accidents do occur, the level of expertise required to reveal the cause is ever more critical.

S-E-A's Occupational Safety and Health professionals, Industrial Hygienists and electrical, mechanical, and materials engineers have the necessary industrial experience, knowledge of manufacturing processes and legal understanding to identify mechanical failures and employee errors that may have resulted in an accident.

At S-E-A we believe that using the right expert for the job is imperative.

When determining why a machine-related accident occurred, it is necessary to identify whether the design of the machine was sufficient to prevent injury, if any guards were added or removed since it was put in service and if the guards performed adequately. The type of equipment involved and the specifics of the case help determine if a mechanical, electrical or material or occupational safety professional would be most appropriate to investigate the cause of the accident.

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