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It is well-known that properly functioning fire detection and protection systems not only save buildings, but lives.

Detection systems warn occupants of impending danger while code compliance, including the use of fireproofing, fire barriers, extinguishers, and sprinklers, can stop a fire in its tracks. Or, at least delay it long enough for backup to arrive. However, when systems fail, the results can be catastrophic.

A severe fire can interrupt business operations for substantial periods of time. Revenue, clients and even the business itself can be lost in the wake. Precious documents or household belongings may be consumed, never to be seen again. Worse yet, human lives could be lost.

Typical failures may involve the inadvertent activation of a suppression system or its inability to detect or suppress a fire. Improper design or installation of fireproofing materials, or other code compliance deficiencies, can leave a building vulnerable.

Armed with a firm understanding of the applicable fire codes, S-E-A's fire protection professionals investigate purported system failures with a diligently detailed approach. Working closely with S-E-A's fire investigators to model fire dynamics, these professionals have extensive experience investigating all kinds of detection systems and suppression systems including: wet, dry, gaseous and foam. Our professionals ensure that a proper adherence to applicable protection codes was maintained during the construction and maintenance of a residential or commercial structure.

From poor smoke detector positioning to inadequate emergency exit design, in 40+ years we've seen more than our fair share of fire protection failures, and we have the expertise to help you with yours.

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S-E-A is a Forensic Engineering Firm with corporate headquarters based in Columbus, OH. S-E-A is a true multi-disciplined failure analysis company with fire investigators, civil engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers. Basically, if it fails or breaks we figure out how and why.

With 16 offices and locations and over 300 professionals, S-E-A is able to provide an immediate response to our clients' needs regardless of location. Contact S-E-A at 800-782-6851 or via the website under Contact Us or Submit an Assignment.

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