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Human Factors

Human Factors

Human Factors involves applying science and engineering to analyze and optimize how humans interact with their living and working environments.  Primarily, human factors involves analyzing a job/activity, the individual(s) performing such, and the overall environment that activity is completed in.  S-E-A’s team has experience and training in engineering, safety, biology, kinesiology, ergonomics, and industrial engineering.  This allows them to understand and analyze the many interactions between a human and its environment, both on the cognitive and physical level.

S-E-A’s human factors team can assist in a wide variety of matters, including those involving:

  • Safety
  • Design
  • Ergonomics
  • PPE
  • Warnings & labels
  • Consumer products
  • Tool/equipment use
  • Visibility/conspicuity
  • Perception & reaction
  • Standards & codes
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