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Vehicle Dynamics

Off-Road Vehicle Testing

Suspension parameter measurement helps forensic engineers recreate road behavior during failure analysis and investigation. These machines provide accurate suspension and steering measurements in conditions that simulate real-world situations. This technology provides value during vehicle development as well as accident investigation.

How are Suspension Parameters Measured?

Forensic engineers from S-E-A use a variety of methods to test suspensions, depending on the type of real-world situations our clients need to simulate. One standard method of suspension testing is to hold the vehicle steady while applying pressure on the suspension. Or state of the art equipment controls the force precisely to produce accurate measurements. In addition to testing the suspension, this equipment can also test steering systems to get a complete understanding of how the vehicle functions.

Testing Steering Systems

Steering system tests work similarly to suspension tests in that the vehicle is mounted so force and responses can be accurately measured. Our proprietary testing equipment is capable of handling either static or dynamic testing to study a vehicle’s steering capabilities in a variety of different conditions. Controlled external forces are applied to the steering system to see how it responds, and the results are measured. We can also record the effects of internal inputs to the vehicle’s steering system to understand how useful it is at maneuvering the vehicle.

What Kind of Vehicles Can S-E-A Test?

S-E-A is a leader in suspension parameter measurement, and our facilities can accommodate all types of different vehicles. Our Vehicle Suspension Measurement Facility (VSMF) was initially delivered for a major tire manufacturer in 1990 when it was the first facility of its kind. We’ve been making improvements and additions ever since.

The VSMF is most commonly used to measure steering system characteristics and suspensions of cars and light trucks. The years of expansion have made it useful for other types of vehicles as well. Our experienced engineers have tested everything from small off-road vehicles to large military vehicles and everything in between. Our test facilities can accommodate capacities from 450 kilograms all the way up to 45,000 kilograms (roughly 990 to 99,000 pounds).

S-E-A is proud to partner with leading forensic engineers, providing them with the most innovative equipment available. The combination of professional specialists and high-tech testing facilities yields clear results rooted in hard science. The results are communicated through clear reports, which makes S-E-A a valuable partner for legal professionals and other organizations. Find a professional below to leverage our expertise.

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