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About Us

Forensic Engineers, Investigators, and Consultants since 1970

A powerful resource in litigation for over 50 years, S-E-A is a multi-disciplined forensic engineering, fire investigation and visualization services company specializing in failure analysis.

S-E-A offers a complete investigative service, including:  marine, mechanical, biomechanical, electrical, civil and materials engineering, as well as fire investigation, industrial hygiene services, toxicology, visualization services, and a fully equipped chemical laboratory. These disciplines interact to provide a thorough and independent analysis that will support any subsequent litigation. Should animations, graphics or medical illustrations be needed, S-E-A’s imaging sciences team can work closely with field staff to clearly depict what really happened.

In addition, S-E-A offers an unrivaled array of pre-market product testing and ongoing quality research services. Clients have an added measure of confidence in the integrity of their products knowing that     S-E-A's advanced analytical and testing tools have been employed in the search for defects or weaknesses.

S-E-A's full-time staff consists of licensed/registered professionals who are experts in their respective fields.

The S-E-A Difference

Since its inception in 1970, S-E-A has continued to grow each and every year. Our accumulation of experience and expertise coupled with access to the latest technology—some of which we created and developed ourselves—has made our staff and facilities among the most sophisticated in the world.

From our vehicle evaluation center to our full-service chemical laboratory; from our test sled to 3D laser scanners—our professionals have the technologies they require to reveal the cause of some of the most complex failures imaginable.

With 16 offices and locations, and over 300 professionals, S-E-A is able to provide an immediate response to our clients' needs regardless of location. Contact S-E-A at 800-782-6851 or via the website under Contact Us or Submit an Assignment.

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How can we help?

S-E-A brings experience and expertise, coupled with the latest technology to our clients — contact us to find the right professionals and solutions for you.

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