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Vision Safety Systems

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Vision Safety Systems

In order to add additional layers of safety to our Automated Test Driver, S-E-A has developed a Vision Safety System which can detect pedestrians, pickup trucks, ATVs, and ROVs. When the system detects one of these four objects, and determines that it is within a collision imminent envelope, the system sends braking and engine kill commands to the Automated Test Driver real-time controller.

Vision Safety System_Detecting four objects_horizontal row

The system consists of a ruggedized camera enclosure, onboard computer, and ethernet interface. The onboard computer is trained for object classification with hundreds of images of the detectable objects on both the S-E-A property and on other areas where the system will be operating.

Additional detection capability can be trained into the system, and changes can be made to the Automated Test Driver parameters such as collision imminent envelope size and actions to be taken when conditions are met. Visual outputs from the camera system can be viewed in the Automated Test Driver software.

Vision Systems2

By integrating this aftermarket safety system into our Automated Test Driver, test engineers can have additional peace of mind when performing unmanned testing. Do you want to learn more about the unique abilities of our Vision System and Automated Test Driver? Contact us today!

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