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Charles Richter

Charles Richter

Civil Engineer

Charles Richter


Ft. Lauderdale

5410 NW 33rd Avenue Suite 100
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33309




Mr. Richter received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with a Certificate of Specialization in Structural Analysis from Florida International University. Mr. Richter is a Civil Engineer in S-E-A’s Fort Lauderdale, Florida, office. He performs structural forensic investigations and evaluations of roofing and building systems, to determine the presence, extent, and/or cause of potential distress, and/or damage to building components as a result of storm, wind, fire, impact, and other phenomena. Mr. Richter also performs geotechnical forensic investigations and evaluations of soils, foundations, vibrations, quarry blasting, settlement, retaining walls, and cracks to determine the presence, extent, and/or cause of potential distress and/or damage. Mr. Richter has specialized experience in the analyses of shear forces on structures, whether they be from wind, construction-related vibrations, and/or earthquakes.

Prior to joining S-E-A, Mr. Richter was a Private Provider Project Manager. In this role, he simultaneously managed multiple building and geotechnical construction projects by coordinating and directing all aspects of the plan review and inspection phase of all projects from design through construction to commissioning. As a representative of a registered threshold inspector,
Mr. Richter has conducted hundreds of structural engineering and threshold inspections, including, but not limited to, inspections of foundations, beams, columns, CMU/fill cells, floor and roof truss and framing systems, and roof systems.

Mr. Richter is a proud United States Navy veteran, having served from 2002 to 2009.

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