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Kenneth Ogbonnaya

Kenneth Ogbonnaya

Mechanical Engineer

Kenneth Ogbonnaya



3403 N. Sam Houston Pkwy W. Suite 350
Houston, Texas 77086




Mr. Ogbonnaya received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. He is a Mechanical Consultant for S-E-A, providing technical consulting in the area of vehicle accident reconstruction involving passenger vehicles, light trucks, and commercial trucks. Experienced in the retrieval and analysis of electronic data recorders (EDR) from vehicle safety systems. Mr. Ogbonnaya has expertise in the use of laser scanners and drones for scene and vehicle documentation.

Prior to joining S-E-A, Mr. Ogbonnaya spent eight years in the automotive manufacturing industry. He attended to issues involving complex problem analysis, product design, suppliers, and process quality. His investigation experience encompassed situations ranging from body part fit, functional issues, warranty claims, supplier parts, paint processes, metal stamping processes, and new model design and iteration. He has extensive experience in the use of 3D Metrology and analysis tools, precision measuring tools, vehicle part disassembly, and 3D printing tools for production.

Mr. Ogbonnaya also has experience with manufacturing robot teaching, GD&T drawing guidelines, 3D CAD Software, and has acquired a Green Belt in Six Sigma.

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