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Sanket Kadam

Sanket Kadam

Consulting Lead, Battery & Energy Storage

Sanket Kadam



7001 Buffalo Parkway
Columbus, Ohio 43229




Mr. Sanket Kadam earned his Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from the Institute of Chemical Technology, along with his Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University. He has held prior roles in battery research, agile battery technology, and electric vehicle startups. His experience includes engineering, materials, and test-driven battery cell-to-module-to-pack safety profile improvement, product development process, electric vehicle builds, commissioning, and launch activities, cell, module, and pack level testing, design of experiments, and design verification plan, and report (DVP&R) activities.

At S-E-A, he is responsible for consulting on battery engineering, safety, testing, and development projects for electric mobility and other battery applications including overall battery system or sub-system evaluation at the cell, module, or pack level. He is also responsible for investigating losses involving or alleged to involve batteries, energy storage products, or systems.

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