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Thanks for joining us at The Gavel Trucking Seminar!

Gavel Trucking Seminar

Thank you to the members and clients from The Gavel – Your Claims Defense Network, for coming to S-E-A’s corporate office in Columbus on July 27 for the trucking seminar! We hosted 24 attorneys, representing 23 states, along with their six industry clients. Attendees spent time in the classroom learning about the current state of the trucking industry and “The Anatomy of a Trucking Accident”, then went outside (into a beautiful day) for some hands-on experience. Our guests participated in a mock truck accident inspection, climbed in and around a tractor trailer, experienced driving a simulator and rode in the cab of the actual truck to better understand what the driver experiences.

A very special thank you to NFI Industries for providing the tractor and trailer, as well as the driving simulator. Also, a big thank you to the six S-E-A mechanical engineers who came in from our branch offices to join the Columbus mechanical engineers in the demonstrations throughout the day!

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