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Personal Protective Equipment Testing (PPE) - Helmets

Sports and recreational injuries occur frequently with most being minor in nature.  However, some injuries can be serious or have serious consequences, specifically those involving the head/brain. Would the injuries have been mitigated or prevented if the individual had been utilizing head protection? How important was the absence or presence of head protection relative to the injury sustained?

The best helmet testing relies on both biomedical expertise and a keen understanding of engineering practices. S-E-A’s network of professionals gives our clients access to all of the skills and technology required for state-of-the-art helmet testing. Our dynamic testing practices help legal professionals determine if head protection was correctly used and how the protection was performed during an incident.

Purpose of Helmet Testing

The purpose of any helmet test is to determine how well the helmet performs its biggest job: protecting the user’s head. Good head protection should guard the person wearing it from both linear and rotational forces. Linear forces are the kinds that lead to visible head injuries including fractures, bumps, and bruising. Rotational forces are often even more traumatic because they can cause concussions and even more severe brain injuries.

Helmet testing collects data about a helmet’s ability to mitigate the effects of both linear and rotational force. Scientists apply measured force to see how a helmet responds. The data is analyzed to see if the helmet protects users as well as it should. Reports can include comparisons of expected results with or without a helmet. This allows legal professionals to determine if a helmet had the intended effect on a given situation.

Advanced sensors allow helmet testing professionals to compare and contrast results from a variety of tests. For example, S-E-A’s team can provide an analysis of whether a user’s story is consistent with how a given helmet performs during their trial. The reports may also include comparisons of intended and actual performance.

The Reliability of Helmet Testing

S-E-A uses a carefully constructed test environment and carefully developed processes to ensure reliable results. Our ability to recreate situations leads to relevant and trustworthy data. Because our tests are standardized, we can accurately measure how subtle differences can change the ultimate result of an incident. Legal professionals can use our data to determine if a helmet was used as intended and if different helmet design features would have yielded different results.

Helmet Failure Analysis and Investigation

S-E-A offers clients access to our diverse network of forensic engineers with biomechanical expertise. These specialists have real-world experience that makes their services extremely valuable for accident investigations involving a failed helmet. We compile scientific evidence through thorough investigation and present our findings in clear reports.

Our specialists have experience in preparing presentations for personal injury claims and court cases, and may even provide testimony if the situation calls for it. To make the findings even more valuable for legal professionals, S-E-A offers access to compelling visual aids and animations. Find a professional using the link below to see how our expertise can bring your case to a quick and favorable decision.

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S-E-A is a Forensic Engineering Firm with corporate headquarters based in Columbus, OH. S-E-A is a true multi-disciplined failure analysis company with fire investigators, civil engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers. Basically, if it fails or breaks we figure out how and why.

With 12 offices and over 300 professionals, S-E-A is able to provide an immediate response to our clients' needs regardless of location. Contact S-E-A at 800-782-6851 or via the website under Contact Us or Submit an Assignment.

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