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3D Space Capture and Collaboration

The S-E-A team utilizes a variety of tools and technology to investigate a loss and help our clients visualize a scene. Matteport is one such tool representing the standard for 3D space capture and collaboration. The Matterport platform enables our fire investigation team to create a 3D virtual replica that provides our clients with interactive access to a site. This efficient, time-saving technology presents the facts in a clear, precise way, all from the safety of your desk. This approach can help provide efficiency for a claim and reduce the need for claims professionals to be on-site.

The virtual environment captured provides for:

  • Spatial perception of the loss environment
  • Accurate dimensions of rooms/components
  • Interactive 3D model
  • Identification and documentation of objects within rooms/components
  • Easy digital access provided to floorplan diagrams and 3D spaces via private link
  • Xactimate model (SK X file) upon request at project assignment

Click to see the the full capabilities of Matterport technology.

S-E-A Chicago Office Matterport Example.

S-E-A Columbus Office Matterport Example.

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