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Construction and Project Management Consulting

It's truly incredible how quickly structures are erected in the 21st century. It seems as if one day a heap of dirt existed where there now stands a 300-foot skyscraper. With the myriad of building materials and complex machinery used to construct modern day structures, it's no wonder that things don't always go as planned. Whatever the problem may be, uninformed opinions are always in plentiful supply.

The facts are the only way to clear the air and move toward a real solution.

Fortunately, S-E-A has a full-time, court-qualified, multi-disciplined staff which includes engineers, metallurgists, architects, licensed general contractors and LEED-accredited professionals who can provide the timely and accurate information needed to respond during a stressful situation.

With access to 3-D laser scanning technology and S-E-A's Demonstrative Evidence team, the cause of an accident can be presented in a lucidly clear manner.

S-E-A's professionals have investigated countless building system failures, fires, collapses, falls, construction delays and many other types of incidents. From improper construction practices or questionable materials to OSHA compliance reviews, S-E-A has the skill and experience necessary to reveal the cause of simple claims or complex multi-party disasters.