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Anthony Barker
Director, Regional Operations
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About S-E-A Limited

S-E-A offers clients a network of experienced professionals who specialize in failure analysis and investigation. Our network includes architects, engineers, accident reconstructionists, animators, and other specialists with the expertise and experience to find answers. Our capabilities are diverse, which allows us to work on cases involving consumer products, vehicle testing, fires, and more. Our forensic engineers regularly work with imaging scientists to create compelling visual aids which help legal professionals demonstrate the findings effectively.

S-E-A Services

S-E-A’s access to industry-leading professionals, advanced facilities, and proprietary software has helped our capabilities expand into a wide variety of offerings. For especially unique cases, we can even come up with customized solutions that are precisely tailored for our clients’ specific needs. We also have some types of work we do commonly, including the following:

The ability to offer custom engineering gives S-E-A the potential to work on all different kinds of product evaluation, failure analysis, and accident investigation projects. In the rare event that a client’s needs are not covered by the exhaustive list above, we will match them with a team of professionals who can develop new tests for the specific task at hand.

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