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Trucking & Transportation Presentations

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What information can an expert tell you about the moment before, during and after an impact?  What is conspicuity and how can it be a critical factor in an accident?  Which vehicles and trucks provide information via airbag, engine, or infotainment downloads and what information can they reveal?  Our team of mechanical engineers, vehicle accident reconstructionists, biomechanists, toxicologists and more, are ready to present on topics ranging from belted vs. unbelted to roadway design.

S-E-A’s Trucking and Vehicle Accident Reconstruction practice will customize continuing education sessions or live demonstrations tailored to support your team’s professional development. Continuing Education credits or Continuing Legal Education credits are available upon request.  S-E-A Presentations: so you Know.

Example topics have included: 

  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Vehicle Technology and Engine Downloads
  • Heavy Trucking and Accident Reconstruction
Trucking & Transportation Presentation

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