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Health Sciences Presentations

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What goes into the testing of a medical device? How do various chemicals or substances affect the body? When does the inclusion of a medical illustrator make sense? Biomedical evaluation of orthopedic devices, dental devices and associated biomaterials, medical visualization and illustration, toxicological and pharmacological evaluations; these are just some of the capabilities of our Health Sciences Practice. Our team of experts can take a deep dive into topics such as causation analysis and risk assessment, the effects of occupational and environmental chemicals, biomedical analysis and much more.

S-E-A’s Health Sciences Team will customize continuing education sessions or live demonstrations tailored to support your team’s professional development. Continuing Education credits or Continuing Legal Education credits are available upon request.  S-E-A Presentations: so you Know.

Example topics have included: 

  • Toxicology & Pharmacology 101
  • Medical Visualization
  • Medical Device Testing and Evaluation
Health Sciences Presentation

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