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Brandon Wiggins

Brandon L. Wiggins

Civil Engineer

Brandon L. Wiggins



3139 Westinghouse Blvd.
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273




Mr. Wiggins earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Clemson University and has 24 years of experience in the civil engineering industry prior to joining S-E-A. His expertise covers a broad range of land development civil design, inspections, and code enforcement of federal, state, and municipal requirements, including ADA and pedestrian access, underground utilities, stormwater management systems (storm drains, detention ponds, underground facilities, open channels), sediment, erosion and stormwater control during construction, grading, floodplain determination and conveyance systems, roadway design, work zone traffic control, parking area design, and vehicular ingress/egress.  Mr. Wiggins’ experience further includes code analysis of walkway surfaces including slip resistance measurements.

Prior to joining S-E-A, Mr. Wiggins spent seven years with one of the fastest growing local municipalities in South Carolina, where he managed the Infrastructure Division within the City’s Planning and Development Department. In this role, Mr. Wiggins was responsible for the technical review, construction inspections, and code compliance for all new site development, including easement acquisition, encroachment permits, code violations, and coordination of certificates of occupancy. Mr. Wiggins served as the point person for engineers, developers, property owners, other regulatory agencies, and the public regarding City requirements, processes, and complaint resolutions.

Since joining S-E-A, Mr. Wiggins has utilized his experience and engineering knowledge to perform a variety of forensic analyses including the evaluation of stormwater management design and construction, sediment and erosion control design and management, flooding evaluations, utility impacts, and temporary traffic control evaluations as well as other case types.  Mr. Wiggins has performed numerous code evaluations of walking surfaces, stairs, and parking lots including slip resistance evaluations and accessibility requirements.  Mr. Wiggins is a certified tribometrist utilizing the English XL tribometer and is a member of the ASTM F13 committee on pedestrian and walkway safety.  Mr. Wiggins is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and is a licensed professional engineer in 20 states.

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