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Davis Trask

Davis Trask

Mechanical Engineer

Davis Trask



7001 Buffalo Parkway
Columbus, Ohio 43229




Mr. Trask earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. During his studies, he worked as a Teaching Assistant in engineering courses that taught computational data analysis and modeling of engineering systems, identifying numerical and graphical solutions for advanced applications, and engineering simulation.

Prior to joining S-E-A, Mr. Trask was employed with a major design, manufacturing, and engineering company for over nine years. He held multiple engineering design roles in the positive displacement, research and development, and centrifugal pump groups, which included the design and testing of aircraft fuel, oil, and coolant pumps for mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic drive applications. In these roles, Mr. Trask utilized Finite Element Analysis (FEA), simulations, and experimental test methods to diagnose failure mechanisms and optimize the design and performance of fluid power systems for military and commercial aircraft. In addition, he served as a technical lead to research and develop the implementation of additive manufactured aluminum alloys as a primary source of supply for production hardware.

Mr. Trask currently serves as a Mechanical Consultant at S-E-A. In this capacity, he investigates incidents related to personal injury or property damage and performs causation analysis based on product performance, intended design, functionality, and compliance with relevant standards through testing and analysis. Mr. Trask employs diverse engineering techniques and method-ologies in compliance with the Scientific Method to identify causal factors. His technical experience encompasses commercial and consumer products, fluid power systems, kitchen appliances, plumbing systems, power tools, manufacturing equipment, construction equipment, aerial lifts, forklifts, and fitness/exercise equipment. Furthermore, Mr. Trask conducts non-litigious research and testing of products to evaluate their performance and functionality for manufacturers and product designers.

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