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Roy A. Wadding

Roy A. Wadding

Sr. Civil/Structural Engineer

Roy A. Wadding



8517 Sunstate Street
Tampa, Florida 33634




Mr. Wadding is a seasoned professional engineer boasting more than 50 years’ experience and has led as a Senior Civil/Structural Engineer with S-E-A since 1983. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University and is a certified Operator of English XL Variable Incidence Tribometer – a certification in measurement of surface slip resistance. Mr. Wadding has special expertise in the evaluation of pedestrian ingress/egress ways, including the evaluation of walkway slip resistance and review of applicable code requirements and has provided expert testimony in state and federal courts of law and is licensed in various states as required and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Mr. Wadding is an active participant of the ASTM Committee F13 (Pedestrian/Walkway Safety and Footwear) and is Vice Chairman of the ASTM Subcommittee F10.10 (Traction). He is also a member of the International Code Council (ICC) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Prior to his tenure with S-E-A, he was responsible for the analysis and design of petrochemical plants and nuclear power plant structures for Badger Engineers, Inc., and Duke Power Company.

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