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Dr. Amenson’s diversified background in biomechanics, human factors, public health, and biomedical engineering qualify her to consult, investigate, and analyze various incidents. As a safety professional, Dr. Amenson provides consultation on matters including premise liability, human factors engineering/ergonomics, product and occupational safety, and warnings and instructions. Her expertise in sports and impact biomechanics allows her to perform biomechanical injury analyses and accident investigations. Dr. Amenson has experience investigating and consulting on the following topics:

  • Human movement biomechanics and injury risk
  • Human perception/response, vision, and situational awareness
  • Consensus standards and regulatory analysis
  • Warning adequacy, instructions, signage, and product safety
  • Human error and decision making
  • Standard of care in restaurant and retail settings
  • Human slip resistance/required coefficient of friction

Dr. Amenson has special interests in playground safety, impact attenuating surfaces, slip/trip/fall biomechanics, warnings/signage, and sports and recreation injuries in aquatic facilities, indoor trampoline parks, family fun centers, and obstacle courses. 


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