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Asbestos Testing

Since the 1970's, manufacturers have, for the most part, found ways to design boilers, door gaskets, roof shingles and other building products without including the hazardous material, asbestos. Unfortunately, products surviving from that time period or before may contain the disease-inducing fibers. Even today it is possible that a product fabricated in and imported from a country with lenient regulations or enforcement may still contain asbestos. If proper precautions are not taken, disturbing these items may introduce harmful fibers into the air which can be subsequently inhaled. To the naked eye, determining whether a product contains the material is difficult, if not impossible. S-E-A has the ability to conduct analyses to determine if these materials actually do contain asbestos fibers.

Additionally, Industrial Hygienists at S-E-A have constructed a testing facility specifically designed to determine whether asbestos-containing fibers are released during normal and/or abusive use of a product. In order to simulate real-life scenarios, product testing at S-E-A's facility is designed to be conducted without the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). We've analyzed everything from insulation to household appliances and can determine if and how fibers may be released.

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