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Energy Forensics

Forensics & Imaging Sciences

Energy Forensics

Energy is used to light our homes, power our businesses, manufacture our products, and keep industries moving around the world. But when those systems and facilities fail, there can be serious consequences that leave us questioning what happened and who is responsible.

Our Energy Forensics team uses a multi-disciplined approach, including mechanical and electrical engineers as well as fire investigators among others, to tackle some of the most complex energy, oil and gas, and manufacturing incidents occurring today. Paired with the latest advances in technology, our analysis and evaluation can pinpoint the root cause of an incident to mitigate future risk, help restore operations, and bring clarity to our clients and, if needed, a court of law.

We are able to assist within many of the industries of the energy sector, including but not limited to:

  • Onshore and offshore operations
  • Power generation and distribution failure
  • Renewables: wind turbines, solar systems
  • Battery systems and energy storage

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