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Center of Gravity and Inertia Testing

The Vehicle Inertia Measurement Facility (VIMF) product line measures center of gravity (CG) and inertia properties. S-E-A built the first VIMF V10K in 1994, which was delivered to an automotive manufacturer and remains in operation today. Since then, we have installed the VIMF V10K at automotive research and development centers around the world.

The installation at S-E-A headquarters is used by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to measure the Static Stability Factors (SSF) for their New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), which uses star ratings based on SSF to rank rollover propensity. Since 2002, every model vehicle in the U.S. has been tested at S-E-A as part of the NCAP.  

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The original design of the VIMF has proven itself to be very robust, reliable and extremely accurate. In 2015, the VIMF was redesigned with an upgraded state-of-art control system, additional automation and improved ergonomics, while still providing the same high-quality measurements of vehicle mass, vehicle center-of-gravity, and vehicle inertia properties. These upgraded features have been designed so that existing VIMF machines can be retrofitted with the new features.

The VIMF product line has expanded over the years with configurations to accommodate small vehicle components, engines, passenger vehicles, large commercial and military vehicles, and anything in between. VIMF test facilities range from 450 to 45,000 kg maximum capacities.

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