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Component Inertia Testing

Vehicle Dynamics

Component Inertia Testing Within Hours, Not Days

The C1000 and C3000, part of the VIMF product family, are state-of-the-art machines, used by S-E-A consultants, for measuring the center of gravity (CG) of vehicle components, such as powertrains, tire wheel assemblies and seats. The C1000 is ideal for measuring the properties of passenger vehicle powertrains, while the C3000 can accommodate powertrains for larger commercial vehicles. The maximum test component weights of the C1000 and C3000 are 450 kg and 1350 kg, respectively. These facilities are used to determine:

  • Center of Gravity (X, Y, Z)
  • Moment of Inertia (IXX, IYY, IZZ)
  • Products of Inertia (IXZ, IXY, IYZ)

Unlike traditional testing methods, once the test component is secured to the platform, it does not need to be reoriented. This saves considerable time, labor, and human error compared to other testing methods.

Watch the C1000 VIMF Machine In Action

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