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Chemical Testing and Analysis

Here at S-E-A we understand the fundamental role a proper chemical laboratory plays in the forensic engineering industry.

That's why we felt it necessary to establish our own full-service in-house laboratory.

As we have continued to import more and more of the products we use every day, the question of manufacturing standards and product safety becomes increasingly complex. Our laboratory is tasked with testing everything from candles to children's toy jewelry for dangerous metals and chemical contamination.

In addition to functioning as a stand-alone investigative service and testing center, the S-E-A laboratory also serves a supporting role, providing assistance to fire investigators, electrical engineers and other S-E-A professionals. Using the latest in equipment and technology, laboratory personnel perform various tests involving spectrophotometry, microscopy and chromatography as well as analysis of flammability, corrosion, chemical spills and hazardous materials. Furthermore, our professionals offer specialized testing catered to our clients' needs.

Laboratory associates strictly adhere to NIOSH, EPA and ASTM sampling procedures and steadfastly follow chain of custody protocol for evidence, from the receipt of a sample through pending litigation. The laboratory is fully accredited by A2LA to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard in the area of lead and cadmium analysis for various consumer products as required by 16 CFR 1303, the determination of lead in drinking water and the preparation and analysis of fire debris samples.


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