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Dashboard AI™

Vehicle Dynamics

Dashboard AI™

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) utilize a combination of visual and audible alerts to notify drivers when potential hazards exist. Test engineers evaluating these systems need to capture the occurrence of these warnings in a vehicle under test. S-E-A’s Dashboard AI ™ allows test engineers to do just that – identify the exact instance an alert occurs. The software utilizes deep learning models to detect alerts so the system can log and respond to visual and audible warnings that occur in a vehicle and synchronize them to the vehicle position and speed data. This is exactly the type of data that test engineers evaluating AEB and DBS systems need.

Dashboard AI ™ includes a portable data acquisition system that can be paired with the S-E-A Automated Test Driver during manned or unmanned scenarios. Dashboard AI ™ is also compatible with third-party data acquisition systems by outputting data files via CAN or Ethernet connection.

Standard Features:

  • Detection latency: 50 ms
  • Output: CAN, Ethernet
  • On screen notification of audible and visual alerts
  • Simple RGB visual and audible signal tuning
  • Supports multiple cameras

Dashboard AI™ Enhancement:

  • Intelligent visual detection using deep learning
  • Trained on extensive library of dashboard alerts
  • Multiple visual alert detection mode
  • Haptic alert detection
  • User selectable alert types

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