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When the human body cannot sustain normal function and medical devices are needed to intervene, mimicking appropriate physiological performance and utilizing proper surgical techniques are essential in achieving a satisfactory outcome.

S-E-A’s Health Sciences practice was formed to provide a comprehensive resource in the testing and analysis of medical related devices and surgical techniques. 

Our multi-disciplined team is experienced in the evaluation of device performance and surgical procedures under clinical conditions.  Comprised of biomedical, biomechanical, and material engineers, as well as a medical illustrator, S-E-A’s team is positioned to provide unique and specific analyses of implant performance using patented methodology. 

 S-E-A’s new 110,000 square foot facility incorporates the latest technologies and resources, including a scanning electron microscope (SEM), licensed in-vitro laboratory and FDA approved 3D patient-specific reconstruction software for computational modeling.



  • Standardized ASTM and ISO testing for medical devices
  • Testing configurations ranging from static conditions to high speed fatigue (peer-reviewed)
  • Specialized testing methods to investigate implant subsidence and micromotion under cyclic loading
  • Unique techniques for determination of device performance signatures under clinical loading conditions using anatomic specimens


  • Scanning electron microscopy by materials scientists for surface feature, debris characterization, and failure analysis
  • Non-destructive elemental analysis and visualization
  • 3D quantitative optical microscopy for material surface evaluations due to wear, fracture and corrosion


  • Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI) to visualize anatomy and physiological processes
  • Realistic animations using input from engineering computations and testing to provide accurate visualizations
  • Use of FDA approved software for reconstruction of patient-specific anatomy with manufacturer implants for engineering analysis