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Charles A. Guinther, Jr.

Charles A. Guinther, Jr.

Discipline Lead, Environmental and Occupational Safety & Health

Charles A. Guinther, Jr.



7001 Buffalo Parkway
Columbus, Ohio 43229




Mr. Guinther obtained his Associate degree in Allied Health from Harrisburg Community College, as well as his Bachelor of Science degrees in Forensic Science and Chemistry from Eastern Kentucky University. He is an Environmental Safety and Health Consultant, with over 30 years of investigative experience in the industrial hygiene, environmental, and occupational health and safety field, including water (well and domestic), soil, gas, vapor and particulate sampling; chemical analysis; and interpretation.  He has conducted hundreds of environmental assessments related to underground storage tanks (UST), product line releases, and chemical releases.

Mr. Guinther is a Board Certified Safety Professional, State of Ohio UST Installer, Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant, Lead Risk Assessor, Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor, AHERA Asbestos Building Inspector and Asbestos Management Planner, and has OSHA HAZWOPER training. Mr. Guinther has provided expert testimony in over 100 trials and depositions in various states throughout the United States. He has provided expert deposition and trial testimony in cases involving environmental contamination, chemical exposure, chemical storage, chemical flammability, spontaneous heating, mold investigation, indoor air quality, and laboratory analysis verification and results.

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