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Geotechnical Analysis and Consulting

Geotechnical engineering, or the science involving the behavior of soils and other earth materials, has an impact on every construction site or project.

Often, consideration of the soil's engineering properties controls the project design and drive costs.

Ascertaining whether proper preconstruction designs were completed in conjunction with the ability to thoroughly assess construction practices and efficacy allows S-E-A to assist clients with design and/or construction defect cases, construction-related failures, or standard of care issues.

The study of landslides, either in naturally occurring or constructed slopes is critical to the success of projects with grade changes. Attention to retaining wall design and construction is essential for the successful completion of a project.

Proper design and construction of deep foundation systems such as drilled shafts (caissons), driven piles, auger cast piles, rammed aggregate piers, etc. is vital to timely and cost-efficient construction. S-E-A is experienced in the design and construction of these expensive systems and can assist clients with construction defect cases.

S-E-A's staff has extensive expertise that is uncommon in the forensic field in the design and construction of foundation systems, earthwork operations, and construction issues.