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Light Vehicle Dynamometer

Light Vehicle Dynamometer

New trends in personal e-mobility devices have created an extremely diverse range of vehicle geometries and speed capabilities. E-mobility devices could include e-bikes, youth ATVs, e-scooters, hoverboards, electric skateboards, and several different configurations of unicycles, among others. These devices might be tested by battery manufacturers, OEMs, and regulatory bodies, and doing so without a rider and in a laboratory setting allows for the most controlled, safe, and repeatable analysis.

S-E-A’s Vehicle Dynamics group has developed a Light Vehicle Dynamometer which is capable of evaluating a wide range of vehicle configurations and speeds. Configurations have been developed to:

  • Manually add rider ballast OR automatically provide rider loading via actuators
  • Simulate road load via inertia OR via electronic braking systems
  • Measure speed, acceleration, temperature, voltage, and current

The vertical spars on the machine allow for loading of the vehicle under test over the seat, footpads, or other user-interface of the device. Throttle control is available for vehicles with tilting footpads, as well as a throttle control add-on which allows for control of thumb-levers, twist grips, and other throttle mechanisms. An easy-to-use GUI communicates with the real time hardware to perform data collection, provide a controls interface, and evaluate data.

Screen Shot Dyno

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