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Mine Accident Investigation

Since the Mine Safety and Health Act (MSHA) of 1977, 242 miners have lost their lives in mine accidents. Presently, the United States is home to over 14,000 mines employing a total of over 360,000 hard-working individuals, a testament to improvements in mine safety. But, when accidents occur, such as a mine explosion in 2010 killing 29 miners, the results are catastrophic and the events are chronicled in the press forever.

S-E-A has revealed the cause of mine explosions and fires and has evaluated the emergency response procedures and equipment for these events. Our MSHA experts have also acted as consultants for mine hearing conservation programs, equipment failures, exposure assessments, and other mine related hazards. S-E-A's experts recognize that mines are not typical workplaces; mine-related accidents and injuries require a firm which understands the premises involved.