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Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

From the throaty roar of an accelerating motorcycle to the unexpected silence of an idling electric car—from the adrenaline-inducing thrill of a recreational off-road vehicle to the tranquil ride of a luxury sedan—there's a motor vehicle to fit nearly every personality.

 Vehicles have become more complex, drivers more aggressive and accidents more numerous than ever before.

 There is a need for professionals who can dig through the aftermath of an accident to determine exactly what happened.

 In order to pinpoint exactly what happened and why, our Vehicle Accident Reconstruction team and Trucking & Heavy Equipment practice group meticulously analyze and reconstruct complex accidents involving personal, commercial and industrial vehicles.

 The teams likewise analyze and reconstruct mishaps involving motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians.

 Data collected may be used in the latest computer analysis and simulations to assist in the reconstruction. Additional factors such as road design, coefficient of friction, lighting, conspicuity, and sight restrictions may be evaluated.