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Heavy Truck Accident Reconstruction

Every day, trucks distribute the goods we rely upon throughout the world, buses transport millions of people from place to place and heavy equipment delivers coal to refineries so that life as we know it can continue uninterrupted the next day.

As simple as this scenario sounds, there are many opportunities for things to go very wrong. Accidents or failures can result in hazardous spills, damage to surrounding structures, and/or bodily injury or death.

Typically, the first things to get lost in an accident are objectivity and perspective.

At S-E-A, we've been revealing the cause of trucking and heavy equipment failures since 1970. Our accumulation of experience and expertise coupled with advances in technology since then has made our staff and facilities among the most sophisticated in the world.

S-E-A's multi-disciplinary 24-hour response team has assisted freight carriers, manufacturers, law firms and insurance companies in revealing the cause of complex failures. Accident reconstructions, origin and cause fire analyses, evaluations of highway and environmental factors—our team has investigated and uncovered the truth behind a wide range of incidents.

Armed with the latest in technology, S-E-A's experts may employ 3-D laser scanning technology to measure every crunch or crack of an accident. The team also has the ability to download and decipher electronic data from most vehicle systems. Working closely with S-E-A's Demonstrative Evidence team, they can produce models or computer simulations to visually convey their findings, many times in a court of law.