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Lead & Cadmium Analysis

Consumer Products

Trace Metals Analysis for Lead & Cadmium

With an ever-increasing demand for less expensive goods and subsequent supply of products from abroad, the presence and threat of consumer goods containing lead and/or cadmium is prevalent and a frequent focus of media attention.

Importers, distributors and retailers rely on S-E-A to assist in protecting their brand and bottom line.

S-E-A’s work in failure analysis and investigation extends to analysis of lead and cadmium in consumer products. Both of these metals are known to have dangerous effects on human beings, and their use is heavily regulated. S-E-A has the equipment and the expertise to analyze both cadmium and lead levels. We can test for both elements at the same time, which saves time and money compared to testing for each individually.

Where is Cadmium Found?

Cadmium is typically released into the environment through human activities such as mining and smelting. It may also contaminate soil due to its presence in some fertilizers or sewage, and is occasionally included in products like pigments, plastics, metal plating, or batteries. Once cadmium is released into soil or water, it gets absorbed by some plants and enters the food chain.

Mushrooms, tobacco, rice, grains, and vegetables can all be contaminated by cadmium. Root vegetables and leafy vegetables are especially susceptible. Once cadmium enters the food chain, it can poison the meat of animals and is especially prevalent in liver, kidney, and shellfish.

Where is Lead Found?

Lead used to be extremely common because of products like lead-based paints and lead bullets. Rules and regulations have reduced the instances of lead poisoning in recent years, but the problem has not been completely eradicated. Art supplies, some gasoline products (especially from outside the United States and Canada), and some metal products are primary sources for lead poisoning.Like cadmium, lead can contaminate soil, water, and the food chain.

Symptoms of Lead and Cadmium Exposure

Cadmium can have a negative impact on almost every aspect of the body, including the brain, eyes, kidneys, cardiovascular system, and reproductive organs. It can even contribute to bone damage. Lead poisoning also produces a wide range of possible symptoms, from learning difficulties to mood disorders, among other physical problems. Unfortunately, symptoms of lead poisoning are difficult to detect until the level of toxins has become severe. It is possible to treat lead poisoning, but existing damage cannot be cured.

Lead and Cadmium Analysis Services

Like with our accident reconstruction service, S-E-A provides clear reports and visual aids to help present our lead and cadmium analysis in legal settings. Our experienced professionals specialize in crafting persuasive presentations, and can even provide testimony as needed. Thanks to S-E-A’s status as an accredited organization, the expertise of our specialists is well received in courtrooms and all types of other settings. Find a professional using the link below to receive comprehensive analysis for your claim, court case, or product evaluation.

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